Sleeping 8 hours per night?

Easier said than done in our modern world.

A frantic way of life; the race between our different responsibilities and a busy personal, family or social life; social networks, e-mails and inexhaustible communication flows; demoralizing news; endless travel in traffic; coffee; stress; noise; technology and its blue screens, during the day but especially at night. Does it ring a bell?

Scientists and health experts are unanimous: The quality and quantity of our sleep hours are critically impacted by all these modern factors and we are heading towards a global epidemic with disturbing consequences on our health, our personal and professional life (diseases, depressions, burn-outs, etc.).

Governments, businesses and individuals are finally beginning to realize that sleep is an absolute pillar of well-being, even more than nutrition and sport. However, progress is slow and few mentalities continue to regard sleep as a waste of time or a sign of weakness. Napping, an infallible tool to compensate for this lack of sleep, remains a taboo subject or symbol of laziness in companies.

Yet a revolution, around sleep and napping, is launched and it is a matter of time before they finally gain the recognition they deserve, due to their scientifically and undeniably proven benefits.


“Intelligence without a nap is like a bird without wings”

– Salvador Dali