Discover the power of napping to fully energize teams.

CorpNap is now at the 
core of companies.

Our innovative and effective application of the concept of napping is an indispensable asset to both employers and employees, presenting incredible scientifically proven results in performance, health, and harmony.



Optimize productivity, creativity and motivation within teams.


Reduces burn-outs, stress and absenteeism.


Promotes serenity, elevates mood, and establishes work-life balance.

Performance, Health & Harmony

Whether it is to optimize focus, teamwork, emotional intelligence, innovation and creativity in your department or assess risks, anticipate consequences, take decisions and multi-task in rapidly changing environments or prevent absenteeism, irritability and tensions in your teams, or promote wellness and work-life balance in your company, CorpNap is a scientific concept that is recognized, effective and is, above all, a strong undeniable partner for the image of the organization and its directors.


Integrating CorpNap into the culture of the company benefits and values first and foremost the company image, its managers, and its employees. We offer a number of services to complement our idea and make it widely accessible.


Presenting the napping equipment and complimentary tools required for a clear and efficient operation, answering the needs of each company.

Navigate the different equipment on the market with ease.

Choosing the best for your company and your employees will take a lot of time and energy, without avoiding bad surprises at the moment of delivery or installation (quality, comfort, ergonomics, robustness, etc).  With experience of the complete process, CorpNap will offer you the best equipment to fully leverage from the napping experience.


Offering information sessions and diverse trainings, targeting both employers and employees, explaining the best way to integrate and benefit fully from CorpNap.

Discover the psychological and professional benefits.

The CorpNap team will share with you the different scientific studies supporting napping in the workplace as well as tools and tricks that will help employees making the most of the few minutes of napping, at the core of the company.

“When we are tired, we find it much harder to think innovatively and to make creative leaps.”
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Suggesting different spatial organization and room atmosphere (decorative, thermal, acoustic) options for the CorpNap rooms, in order to fully foster the benefits of napping while answering the needs of each company.

CorpNap’s knowledge and experience.

With their knowledge and experience of different companies, a team of experts is available to help you establishing and decorating the napping room, taking into consideration the culture of the company and the philosophy of its managers.


Scheduling regular interviews with the company to track the progress of integrating CorpNap into the culture of the company, and following-up on the results of the integration with the employers by making sure all parties involved are satisfied.

CorpNap will remain a key partner.

CorpNap team will remain a key partner to the company, its managers and employees. With the internal team, they will regularly review relevant metrics, answer questions, offer additional training sessions, share new scientific studies and trends as well as any other topics important to the company.

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