Discover the power of napping to fully energize teams.

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core of companies.

Our innovative and effective application of the concept of napping is an indispensable asset to both employers and employees, presenting incredible scientifically proven results in performance, health, and harmony.



Optimize productivity, creativity and motivation within teams.


Reduces burn-outs, stress and absenteeism.


Promotes serenity, elevates mood, and establishes work-life balance.

Performance, Health & Harmony

Whether it is to optimize focus, teamwork, emotional intelligence, innovation and creativity in your department or assess risks, anticipate consequences, take decisions and multi-task in rapidly changing environments or prevent absenteeism, irritability and tensions in your teams, or promote wellness and work-life balance in your company, CorpNap is a scientific concept that is recognized, effective and is, above all, a strong undeniable partner for the image of the organization and its directors.


Integrating CorpNap into the culture of the company benefits and values first and foremost the company image, its managers, and its employees. We offer a number of services to complement our idea and make it widely accessible.

The EnergyPod

The MetroNaps EnergyPod is an innovative and elegant solution to a modern problem: taking a nap at work.

Based on years of research, the world’s first nap-designed chair combines elegant design with ergonomic functionality to create the perfect environment to restore employees’ energy during the day. In collaboration with specialists and sleep doctors, the EnergyPod has been developed around a scientifically proven principle: a 20-minute nap is beneficial for productivity and well-being.


Ergonomic perfection

The EnergyPod has been designed to reduce pressure on the heart system by elevating users’ feet. The ergonomics of the chair relax the muscles of the lower back and ensures a slight curvature of the knees.

Luxury Comfort

The EnergyPod has a high quality synthetic leather coating. Soft and smooth, the cushion of the EnergyPod is extremely comfortable. It is very resistant and easy to clean.

Secure storage

The two interior compartments provide secure storage of personal effects. They can contain a briefcase, a purse or a backpack.


The cache of the EnergyPod can be rotated to the desired position. It offers semi-privacy and blocks outside distractions by hiding the user.

Simple interface

It is possible to set the timer to the desired duration or use the start button for a pre-programmed 20-minute nap. An integrated music player helps eliminate surrounding distractions and creates a relaxing atmosphere. The music comes from a close collaboration with a sleep doctor and a renowned concert pianist.

Navigate the different equipment on the market with ease.

Choosing the best for your company and your employees will take a lot of time and energy, without avoiding bad surprises at the moment of delivery or installation (quality, comfort, ergonomics, robustness, etc).  With experience of the complete process, CorpNap will offer you the best equipment to fully leverage from the napping experience.

Corporate Training

Fatigue, stress and burnout are some of the consequences of sleep disorders. Understanding the importance of sleep and the benefits of power napping at work can improve productivity, creativity and well-being of employees. Based on its strong experience, CorpNap is involved in companies’ education of employers and employees about the importance of 20-minutes power naps.


In particular, we build awareness around :

o  health prevention: the importance of sleep and the risks of lack of sleep

o  the benefits of napping within the workplace for individuals and companies (human resources, CEOs, directors)

Napping and well-being at work:
  1. good practices (do’s and dont’s)
  2. napping equipment (energypods or nap pods)
  3. historical and contemporary followers
  4. companies that have already adopted these practices
  5. napping around the world
Discover the psychological and professional benefits.

The CorpNap team will share with you the different scientific studies supporting napping in the workplace as well as tools and tricks that will help employees making the most of the few minutes of napping, at the core of the company.

“When we are tired, we find it much harder to think innovatively and to make creative leaps.”
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    In addition to providing equipment for an optimized nap, CorpNap also offers space planning services to help you create well-being area at the workplace. This space has been designed with architects to optimize the benefits of the equipment. We offer a space that reflects your company while respecting its culture and the philosophy of its directors.

    We offer quality and varied materials (e.g., glass, concrete, flooring, lamps, carpets, etc.) to create the universe of your choice (e.g., Scandinavian atmosphere or urban greenhouse).


    Design EnergyPod Space

    Spatial Planning Energy Pod Installation

    Support and Follow-up

    Beyond the assistance provided in the development of the well-being area, CorpNap takes care of accompanying companies by answering their questions related to:

    • the use of EnergyPod equipment and maintenance
    • the management (hours and duration of nap, method of booking, working hours, etc.)
    • power-nap training about work and sleep
    • corporate culture & mindset around napping at work
    • internal and external communication
    CorpNap – a key partner

    CorpNap also ensures that the company (human resources, CEOs, directors) and its employees have their return on investment by analyzing the data generated by the EnergyPod on the use of the equipment. In fact, the EnergyPod allows you to receive detailed usage reports, indicating the days of the week, the time of day and the duration of use of the equipment for a specific period.”

    Industry Insights

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